Grooming Services

Full Grooming

A full groom includes an initial consultation to determine what your specific needs are regarding your dog’s hairstyle, lifestyle and medical/behavioral issues. All dogs will have nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning and plucking, bathing with a high-quality shampoo targeted to your dog’s skin and coat requirements, hand-drying, complete brush out with undercoat removal and/or dematting and finally, styling and trimming to achieve the desired appearance.


Shaving actually refers to any styling done with the electric clippers. It does not automatically refer to any specific length. Most dogs do get “shaved”. The actual length of the shave will depend on your preference and the condition of your dog’s coat. For instance, you might like to leave 1” of length on your dog but if the mats are ½” from the skin we decide whether it can be combed out to create 1” (without pain and discomfort to your dog) or shave it to 1/2 inch and discuss how to achieve a ‘stress-free’ 1-inch haircut in the future.

City Dogs Self-Wash (Monday - Saturday)

City Dogs self-wash is temporarily closed. Service will resume as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted.

At City Dogs, we make DIY bath time easy! We provide the tub, general shampoo, towels, use of a high-velocity dryer, grooming tools (including; brushes, combs, deshedding and dematting equipment, shears, toenail trimmers & rotary nail files) and assistance when necessary to safely lift larger dogs. You clean your dog and we’ll clean the mess!

The following items are available for purchase:

  • luxury / targeted shampoos
  • bows and bandanas
  • tooth-brushing supplies
  • clipper rental 
  • crate dryer and kennel rent
  • professional nail trimming and filing

What to Expect During Your Dog's Visit

How long will it take?

We generally ask that you leave your dog with us for 2-4 hours depending on the grooming services requested. We are committed to creating a positive grooming experience for each dog and we feel that the dogs do best when they have some ‘downtime’ between the different phases of grooming. It also allows us adjust our timing if we realize a dog requires some special attention.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the grooming is based on time and product requirements. We start with a base price for your dogs breed, size and coat type. The final cost will reflect extra time and specialty products that we consider important for your dog. We strive to be as transparent as possible in our pricing and we are happy to discuss actual costs during your initial consultation.

Can I stay while you groom my dog?

No. Your dog’s safety while in our care is our top priority and your presence presents a distraction and a potential hazard to your dog. With all the windows at the front of the shop you can view most of the grooming process from the parking lot or you may wait in the lobby if you are not comfortable leaving your dog.

Does my dog have to be crated?

Yes. Again, your dog’s safety is our primary concern while they are in the salon. We don’t conduct temperament evaluations and our groomers are working one-on-one with grooming clients and can’t provide a safe level of supervision for ‘free-range’ dogs. Our wire crates offer visibility and air flow. The dogs are in no danger of overheating and can watch all the activity from the comfort and safety of a secure kennel. Dogs spend a limited amount of time crated and it is extremely rare for a dog to be uncomfortable in a crate at City Dogs and if we do find that your dog is not adjusting to the crate we will discuss other options with you.

What if my dog is afraid of the dryer?

We feel very strongly about the benefits of high-velocity drying for both your dog’s health and appearance. We only use these dryers when hand drying, standing at the table with your dog. We have several techniques and tools that we use to acclimate dogs to this drying process and find that most dogs relax and realize that it doesn’t hurt. Some dogs actually begin to enjoy the light ‘pressure’ the air produces. If your dog continues to be resistant and/or fearful we will finish drying using towels and kennel drying. (For your dog’s safety none of our dryers use a heat setting but rely on ambient room temperature and air movement.)

Can I request a specific groomer?

Certainly! You are free to request a groomer and we accommodate groomer requests whenever possible. It is notable that the groomer’s at City Dogs, unlike most shops, are not ‘independent contractors’. The climate here is very strongly geared toward teaching, sharing information and providing constructive feedback. Although assigned specific dogs to groom, we all work together as a team to provide the best possible grooming and the best possible service to our clients.

What if I’m not happy with the grooming?

Tell us, please! We can usually "fix" the haircut before you leave but if you would like more extensive changes, call us (within one week of our appointment date) and we’ll schedule a separate time to "regroom" your dog.

If you have any other concerns or questions please contact us at 360.756.9515 or, and we will do our best to improve your City Dogs experience.